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The farmhouse was born in Italy many years ago as a form of acceptance on the part of farmers that provides its visitors the typical products of the land and livestock.
Following the crisis of the postwar period, however, it became necessary to seek new activities by farmers: the reception is one of them.
The propensity to accept the visitors had a truly remarkable growth in recent years, and many saw the birth farm. Besides those already existed for decades will have risen to new, sometimes founded by people wishing to start a new business, often a new-life-contact with nature.
Now staying at a farm does not just savor the tradition but also be incorporated into structures increasingly organized and professional.
The holiday farm
Although over time many farms have been developed to meet the demands of visitors and offer a wide variety of comfort, not for this holiday in the farm has lost the charm that characterizes it.
Staying on a farm does not only come into contact with people who have created but also first-hand the dynamics of agriculture or farming and taste the products.
The silence, first, that only a farmhouse surrounded by nature can give you, but also services such as the sea or the swimming pool.
If you want to move and do activities you can stroll in the hills surrounding the discovery of new paths, mountain bike, or mount a horse, in many rural houses with stables.
For all these reasons, the majority of rural houses do not accept bookings for one day but mostly because only spending a few days on a farm you can actually live a different holiday than usual.

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