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Portogruaro Portogruaro
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Portogruaro - Venezia

Capital city of Veneto and 'connected in the middle' way around Venice and Trieste, border with the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Suspended between the Middle Ages and Renaissance ' of the River Lemene that offers views in every corner of intense fascination for their incomparable beauty. Once fully walled, are accessed through five doors surmounted by towers of which today there are only three (Port St. Agnes, Port St. John, Port St. Gottargo). The 'urban layout of Old Town is spread in two main directions: First Martyrs of Liberty 'Street and Seminary, affiliated with some cross members. Heart of the City 'and' the Square the Republic against the backdrop of City Hall, considered the largest monument Medieval Portogruaro, whose body more 'dates back to the fourteenth century. The palaces on the two main streets, arcades and now almost completely Typical home and colorful shops, are magnificent examples of Italian Gothic and Venetian (century XIV - XV) on the ground floor of Gothic and Renaissance upstairs. To quote and visit Mills on the way Lemene 's Oratory of Fish and many churches that retain works of 'art valuable and famous. Interesting National Museum which contains artifacts from Concordia for the most from nearby Concordia Sagittaria and in Villa Renaissance Marzotto property 'of the City - and sumptuous ancestral home with beautiful park - Museum Paleontological M. Gortani. In order to visit the City 'can not be completed without having seen in nearby Fraction Summaga 's Benedictine Abbey of the thirteenth century. with remarkable cycle of ancient frescoes recently restored.



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